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 June 05 '08 PK/Trade Limit Protest

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PostSubject: June 05 '08 PK/Trade Limit Protest   Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:08 am

Here are a few images of the protest asking jagex to bring the unlimited trades and the Player Kiilling in the wildi back.
Jagex seem to have ingnored this so far but hopefully they may change their mind, All of the protesting ment that worlds 1-4 where full, Most of the protesters where in centeral varrock and some of them walked in lines around the wildi, Around wildi levels 1-20.
This all went on from 12:00pm June 05 - 2:00am June 06.
Here are a few pics of the Protest:

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June 05 '08 PK/Trade Limit Protest
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